“Silence” (16/05/2009)

It has been quiet for quite sometime now
The city and the engine are still running
But there is something on the horizon
Fell out place, felt misplaced
I’m driving as far as I can
Before my conscience catch up with me
I’m hitting the open road before dawn
I’m not hoping for any shooting stars
I’m not traveling for my destiny
I’m seeking only for silence
The same silence that won’t be here in the morning
The same silence that was killed in the night
Won’t bring me any peace of mind
Won’t bring me any relief of time
Will be just a moment of silence
Who can allow me only that?
Will be my last wish
My heart has already stopped
My eyes are already close
I just need this voice to disappear
Please give me a silence
And all the emptiness within

Ass: Danilo Mendonça Martinho

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