"A Trip to Yourself" (22/02/2009)

I was traveling by myself
Trying to be free
I changed my believes
Based on my scars
And for a long time
All seams to be at place
I’m not going to deny
Was a hard walk this way
Avoiding my first reactions
Looking for the real thing
But work it out for the good
I kept smiling trough the days
People proved me right
The world was fitting in my hands
It’s like they say
When you hold the world
You lost something on the way
The things that fulfill
The true in your heart
Anytime will speak louder
Then it’s all that you hear

So after a time on the road
With no destiny
Only a wind blowing fair
The trip has ended
I have those feelings again
And nothing to argue against it
When I first saw you
Were in your eyes
It’s time to settle down
I’ll head back to town
All in all…I’m going home

Ass: Danilo Mendonça Martinho

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