Opinião: Star Wars Saga

Esse espaço de opinião, será amplo em seus temas. São coisas sobre as quais não consigo ficar calado, não consigo viver com a voz e o discurso se repetindo dentro de mim. Eu escrevi a carta abaixo e enviei via Instagram para o perfil do Star Wars. Sem esperança de resposta. Apenas para ter paz no meu coração. Mas acredito também que esta carta deve ser aberta. Então deixo aqui o registro. Na esperança de encerrar esse debate dentro de mim. Abraços.

I’m writing this for my peace of mind. I just bought and rewatch Rise of Skywalker, and still breaks my heart a little bit. That will not be another film, that this is the end of a 40 year Saga and deserved to be a masterpiece, and was just fine, safe, with no creativty. And JJ a respected director and writer, didn’t Rise up to the challange. Made us wonder the script of the guy that got fired. Even with Palpatine back, you didn’t have to explain Snoke, make Rey from a bloodline, the dyad, cast a side a foreing character like Rose. Sometimes through the movie there are so child decisions, stuburn, or simply someone without the ideia how to make it better. Just safe, just a fine action matinê film. No risks, the story goes nowhere. This was the trilogy to balance the force. I can only imagine Rey with a purified lightsaber of Kylo, winning and becoming the true warrior, what every Jedi should be. You made Ashoka Tano be a bigger and better character that Rey would ever be. That is a shame. I’m sorry that was rushed, I’m sorry that you all were afraid after episode 8, but this was about what Star Wars need it. Rise up. This will not be the film that will stand the test of time, and oh my god how this is huge misssed opportunity. So much promise for that fight on Exgol. And again Rogue One did it better. It seams that Rise of Skywalker close the eyes for everything that was around it. How you don’t look to a 40 year saga. I write this with my heart in pieces. It taste bitter. I love Star Wars is more than a movie, it talks to each genaration, it’s politic, ideology, it discuss our society, made us reflect about ourselves. And fell short. The silverline are Clone Wars, Mandalorian, and the future. But the Skywalkers deserved it better. Please take this as lesson, I know you all can do it better. Treat this universe like it deserve. Good luck.

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